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Features include :

  • High accuracy, high flexibility for chip components down to 0402, SOIC, PLCC, BGA, QFP 52mmSQ (0.3mm pitch)
  • Dual gantry / linear pick-up head configuration
  • Both pick-up heads fitted with 3 fixed tele-tools & 2 interchangeable toolbank tools
  • Optional intelligent or pneumatic tape feeders available
  • Auto tape feeder characterisation
  • Suitable for small volume production
  • Bottom vision alignment system
  • Built-in camera system with auto fiducial mark learning
  • High resolution linear drive system fitted onto rigid platform
  • Maximum PCB size 460mm x 410mm


Linear pick-up heads fitted with 3 fixed tele-tools and 2 interchangeable toolbank tools.
Fixed tele-tools consist of an inner and outer tool which accommodate standard component packages and are switched “on the fly”

Interchangeable toolbank tools are mounted in an automatic changer which accommodates a maximum of 6 pick-up tools for each head

The machine can be fitted with either Intelligent or pneumatic tape feeders.

Intelligent tape feeders have a built-in memory which can store the identity of and data on the components they carry. This information is communicated directly to the machine controller when the feeders are loaded. These individual feeders provide ultimate flexibility, from job set-up to component replenishment. A handheld terminal with in-built bar code reader simplifiers data entry off-line.
The intelligent tape feeders can be mounted to either a cart location or fixed bay system on the machine.
The carts carry up to 24 8mm Intelligent tape feeders dramatically reducing changeover times and automatically establish communication and power supplies as they lock into the machine. A total of 6 carts can be located in the machine at one time, make a total of 144 8mm tape feeders. These carts can even be linked to the machine externally, to identify feeders required on the next production run.
The fixed bay system can also accommodate up to 144 8mm tape feeders at one time and can be used mainly for longer production run’s when product change-over is less frequent.
Pneumatic tape feeders were used mainly on the earlier machine model called the Intelliplace DHM-120. These tape feeders are indexed by air being supplied through the fixed tape feeder location plates into the feeder indexing mechanism. The machine can house up to 120 8mm tape feeders at one time.