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C & S Automation can now offer a full PCB assembly or complete product manufacture service to Customers. Technologies available includes Surface mount, Thro-Hole or Mechanical assy. Please contact us for further details.

Current Offers

We currently have for sale a fully refurbished Multitroniks I10 machine, which can be fitted with either Intelligent or pneumatic tape feeder capability. Please contact us for further details.

We carry in stock a wide range of spare parts and options for immediate supply. These are available for the range of SMT machines and equipment manufactured by Multitroniks, Dynapert, Casio, and Intelliplace. We also offer a service exchange and repair service on all circuit boards where possible.

C&S Automation Ltd are specialists in surface mount placement technology and support services. View our complete range of refurbished machines.

We also provide spare parts,tape feeders, nozzles/pickup tools and Assembly Services

Technical support is provided for the complete range of Multitroniks, Intelliplace, Casio and Dynapert surface mount placement machines and equipment.  Based in Essex, our staff has over 50 years experience in the industry with a dedicated team to assist with all our customers requirements.